Our Pastor

Donnell Smith is a gifted teacher,
motivator, visionary, and preacher of
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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Elder Donnell Smith, a servant of Jesus Christ
In September of 1991, Elder Donnell Smith was appointed as Pastor of Emmanuel Churchof God in Christ, in the Southeast corridor of Washington, DC. Since that timehe has poured himself into the community and under his leadership, Emmanuel Church has been graced to become a more positive presence. He has been recognized by the Government of the District of Columbia for his dedicated service to incarcerated citizens and their families. He and Emmanuel Church have hosted community outreach initiatives in collaboration with the D.C. Metropolitan Police department, to help reduce the flow of crime activity, and to provide an inspirational presence for local residents. From 2011-2013, he served as an elected Co-Convener for the Servant Leaders community Fellowship (formally known as the Southeast Ministers Alliance). In September 2003, the Emmanuel Church was graced to purchase their present and beautiful Sanctuary located at 2600 Minnesota Ave, S.E, Washington, D.C. His works as an inspirational author formally began with the publication of his first book in 2009, entitled “Miracles In Slow Motion.” In 2010, he co-produced a short film documentary entitled “A Place Where You Can Start Over”, in order to give viewers a description of the Emmanuel Church. As a vocalist, he released a very uplifting solo music album with Right Sound Productions entitled “Life After The Storm”, in addition to his second book under the same title. His most recent book entitled “Why A Man Needs a Wife”, was published December 2016. He was appointed to the Office of District Superintendent in January2016,and appointed to the office of Chairman of the Board of District Superintendents for the Maryland Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Church of God in Christin January 2019. In addition, he was appointed as Chairman of the East Coast Region, for the General Counsel of Pastors and Elders, Church of God In Christ, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Pastoral Ministry. The joy of his life is the privilege of being the dedicated and faithful husband of Mrs. Betty J. Smith.